Verso Altima Smart City Platform

Cities all over the World are facing challenges like safety, sustainability and mobility. These challenges are tackled by the Verso Altima Digital Smart City Platform, providing cities with infrastructure, software and IoT hardware to drive their dramatic digital transformation.

Hiring: Software Engineer (Mostar Office)

About the role

At Verso Altima Group we are looking for a self-driven and independent software engineer with a great sense of teamwork and collaboration with other teammates. Situated in our Mostar office, primary focus in the role will be the development of new features and support for already existing applications, along with the design and implementation of new solutions. Also, software engineer will be a part of our Group’s development team with well-established guidelines and practices, who will collaborate with other teams to meet the targeted goals in a cooperative atmosphere in areas of Telco, E-commerce, and IoT (Internet of Things), among others.