About us

We are a business integrator internationally recognized in the software and networking business, IoT and digital transformation. We design, develop, implement, maintain and manage advanced ICT solutions. More than 170 customers in 50 countries have improved their businesses with the help of our professionals. Headquartered in Croatia with operations in five more countries we continuously strive towards business excellence.


Our company culture is created by our employees, customers and partners, each piece being unique and equally important. Together we create a mosaic of shared values, beliefs and principles.


Our customers reflect our success. We achieve continuous growth with our knowledge and modern ICT potentials. When digital transformation is the way of business, we are here to navigate it. We have more than 170 customers and references in the industries of Energy Enterprise, Finance, Government, Hospitality, Media, Retail, Service Provider & Telco, System Integration, Transportation, Real Estate, Manufacturing, IT, NGO, Healthcare, Distribution and Education.


We are proud of our Group ecosystem of ICT partners around the globe. Together we make significant contributions to major organizations and projects across many industries and markets, creating a long-term economically viable business by enhancing our stakeholder ecosystem. Exceptional expertise comes first and is always recognized!