Zapošljavamo: Voditelj odjela za osiguranje kvalitete (m/ž)

O poziciji

U Verso Altimi tražimo Voditelja odjela za osiguranje kvalitete koji će upravljati procesima osiguranja kvalitete (QA procesima) unutar kompanije i prema korisnicima te biti odgovoran za provođenje tih procesa. Uz to, definirat će ugovorne obveze po pitanju testiranja prema korisnicima. Razvijat će i voditi tim za implementaciju QA procesa i surađivati sa svim drugim timovima u našoj kompaniji.

New digital and green project in Karlovac

“This is a unique project, which puts Karlovac on the map of green and digital cities in the region. We wanted this solution to be top quality and financially efficient” – said our director Mario Gerencir at the signing of the contract “Energy service by implementing improvement measures energy efficiency of the public lighting system of the City of Karlovac” between the City of Karlovac and our company.

Verso Altima Smart City Platform

Cities all over the World are facing challenges like safety, sustainability and mobility. These challenges are tackled by the Verso Altima Digital Smart City Platform, providing cities with infrastructure, software and IoT hardware to drive their dramatic digital transformation.

The Managed Cyber Defense Center (CDC)

The Managed Cyber Defense Center (CDC) as one of major cybersecurity components, aims to deploy an appropriate mixture of people, processes and technology to be able to provide continuous security monitoring, vulnerability risk assessment, threat intelligence, and intrusion detection of customers’ IT environment.