Verso Altima Smart City Platform

Cities all over the World are facing challenges like safety, sustainability and mobility. These challenges are tackled by the Verso Altima Digital Smart City Platform, providing cities with infrastructure, software and IoT hardware to drive their dramatic digital transformation.

The Managed Cyber Defense Center (CDC)

The Managed Cyber Defense Center (CDC) as one of major cybersecurity components, aims to deploy an appropriate mixture of people, processes and technology to be able to provide continuous security monitoring, vulnerability risk assessment, threat intelligence, and intrusion detection of customers’ IT environment.

Roadshow “Secure Your Future Now” organized by Verso Altima Group

The purpose of the Roadshow is to ensure that relevant topic about information security as well as legal regulations and EU financing options for products and solutions that provide a continuity of information security will be covered in the conference. With the theme “Secure Your Future Now” Verso Altima Group brings an opportunity to explore […]