Cyber Defense Center

Cyber Defense Center - The SOC of the future

The Managed Cyber Defense Center (CDC) as one of major cybersecurity components, aims to deploy an appropriate mixture of people, processes and technology to be able to provide continuous security monitoring, vulnerability risk assessment, threat intelligence, and intrusion detection of customers’ IT environment. This is done by deploying high-availability 24/7 services designed to reduce the number of operational security employees customer needs to hire, train and retain to maintain an acceptable security posture.

Why to choose Verso Altima Cyber Defense Solution?

  • Cost reduction – no operating & maintenance cost and associated cost savings
  • Faster and better IT services for both hardware and software
  • Less personnel needed 
  • Flexibility, scalability and experience thanks to a professional provider
  • Up-to-date overview of IT risk in your dedicated risk & security cockpit incl. real-time alerting
  • Hardware on your premise and latest technology
  • Top trained experts
  • Improvement of own IT processes and IT infrastructure reached through evaluation and continuous risk remediation
  • Latest 360° security technology from the European technology provider
  • Absolute flexibility tailored to individual needs
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager & Chief Security Analyst & Jour Fixes
  • Customer data remains in customer organization
  • Existing security solutions can be flexibly integrated & cloud integration possible
  • Improvement of own IT processes and IT infrastructure reached through evaluation and continuous remediation
  • Modular, orchestrated and holistic solution – shoulder to shoulder problem solving.

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The Cyber Defense Center benefits:

  • Next-generation security infrastructure
  • Unified view across infrastructure 24/7
  • Proactive approach to security
  • Behavioral analysis for maximal visibility
  • Get contextualized recommendations & reduce false positives and threats
  • Severity based alerts to distinguish high and low priority alerts
  • Uses SOAR & SIEM to improve incident response and standardize processes
  • Depends on variety of threat intelligence feeds to predict and understand the type of threats
  • Integrated approach by aligning people, process and technology

Customers confirms following results:

  • Unrivaled Protection – receiving superior protection by using advanced solutions that utilize well-tested and leading-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and threat intelligence. In cooperation with our partners the unique insights into the global landscape as well as the latest cybersecurity threats is offered with continuous monitoring of all security systems and internal infrastructures.
  • Cost Savings –  significant upfront investment savings in technology, as well as predictable monthly cost.
  • Saving on Technology – reduced the costs of IT infrastructures.
  • Saving on Data Breach Costs – service helps organizations to avoid the often-devastating costs, both financially and  brand perspective.
  • Security Experts – for a majority of cases, the experts that provide managed security support services are more effective with advanced security measures than in-house teams may be. These professionals are specialists in their field and have expertise in managing risk, implementing controls, and developing customized security strategies for each individual company. 
  • Advanced Technology – proven technologies with the ability to build solutions organically based on the individual needs. 

Cyber Defense Center  functionalities

Main functionalities:

  • Threat intelligence – gathering information from numerous internal and external globally leading sources, both commercial and open source, so harmful behavior can be detected faster. Apart from the IP addresses with bad reputation, this information includes URLs with the same characteristics, e-mail addresses used for phishing, and file names, file paths and user agents used for malware. The extensively collected and processed security-relevant data in combination with the comprehensive threat intelligence information from various sources enables customer to be exceptionally fast when it comes to detection & response.
  • Threat detection – detecting and stopping advanced and evasive malware created to bypass conventional security defenses in attempt to steal sensitive corporate data over a length of time. In order to discover these attacks, advanced threat detection solutions include capabilities such as sandboxing, behavioral analysis, automated monitoring, and other detection mechanisms.


  • Vulnerability scanning – including continuous and highly accurate internal and external vulnerability scans with the analysis of the Intelligence Team for a 360-degree view with zero false-positives and full vulnerability coverage. Also, it includes detection of open ports that indicate use of potential unsecure or unnecessary services. Furthermore, compliance- and password-checks are done to identify configuration problems with regard to applications as well as password and user-policies. Vulnerabilities are categorized in high, medium or low risk as well as the possibility of exploitation to provide easy to understand overviews of the current vulnerability landscape and information ready to meet compliance requirements.
  • Network behavior analytics – analyzing customer’s network traffic from and to the Internet in real-time in order to detect suspicious patterns and anomalies such as malware, command and control server, bots, spyware, drive by sources, DDoS targets and sources and others. More than 19,000 continuously updated (matched with IP reputation data) signatures and rules serve as the basis for detection. Moreover, additional behavior-driven analysis for zero-day exploits and other unknown attacks without signatures as well as the detection of protocols even if varying ports will be used.
  • Log data analytic – collecting and analyzing logs from various sources within customer’s network (e.g. server, clients, network devices, firewalls, applications) for security-relevant information and events. Various common log formats are understood out of the box. Information and events from all these areas are aggregated and risk is identified through the correlation engine with continuously updated, enhanced and always customized correlation rules and policies. An effective management of security flaws is enabled. A fraudulent use of the IT and applications, internal fraud and security threats are detected out of millions of events. Intelligence Team analyses suspicious events and prioritizes them in terms of business criticality and need for urgency. The number of events reported to the customer is reduced to a handful of important incidents.
  • e-mail scanning - provides the best protection for your email against cyber threats. Ensured rapidly detection and investigation while remediates cyber attacks that targets email. The latest technologies follows a three-tier approach with new Premier, Advantage, and Essentials bundles that includes malware defense and analytics, allow better protection against sophisticated threats and a seamless buying experience.
  • end point scanning - comprehensive endpoint protection against cybersecurity threats. It is a three-step process that verifies the integrity of IP devices before allowing them to connect to the network: first, make sure they are properly patched; second, run the latest anti-virus and spyware software; and third, run a host firewall with the proper rules set.


Head of the Verso Altima Cyber Defense Center
Danijel Cerovečki

Verso Altima Cyber Defense Center
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