Software Technologies


Verso Altima Group designs and implements solutions of world’s leading providers of eCommerce, CRM, online charges and billing systems, delivered by providing professional services in integration projects encompassing OSS/BSS integration. By delivering solutions that enable customer-focused digital journeys, unconstrained pricing and packaging flexibility coupled with real-time transaction management – we solve OSS/BSS problem in the digital transformed multiservice world, ensuring high performance, low TCO and proven integration with networks and business systems.
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Solutions are provided by combining several products of our vendors and our own products in an end-to-end solution tailored for a specific customer’s needs and requirements. We use established and top-of-the-range products.
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Our experts offer a full range of services: tender preparation, pre-sales and sales support services, project preparation and management services, solution design and specification services, implementation services, testing services, migration and rollout services, support services.
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