Verso Altima Group designs and implements solutions of world’s leading providers of eCommerce, CRM, online charges and billing systems, delivered by providing professional services in integration projects encompassing OSS/BSS integration. By delivering solution that enable customer focused digital journeys, unconstrained pricing and packaging flexibility coupled with real-time transaction management – we solve OSS/BSS problem in the digital transformed multiservice world, ensuring high performance, low TCO and proven integration with networks and business systems. World-class solutions of best-of-breed vendors, coupled with our own software development and system integration represent key success factors for our customers. At Verso Altima Group, we build expertise around SAP C/4-HANA product portfolio and specifically in SAP Hybris Billing, SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Leonardo products, while developing software products aligned with TMF (TAM, SID, eTOM) in order to excel in business integration.

Solutions that we offer are flexible and can be customized to support many industries. Our practical experience and references are mostly focused on telecommunications, postal industry, transportation industry and public services.

We are constantly building and extending our knowledge and experience by creating new solutions based on experience from various worldwide projects. However, with time, we have perfected and drilled-down the following solutions which we offer to our valued customers with the highest confidence.

List of solutions

  • E-Commerce B2B, B2C and B2B2C solution
  • Digital channel enabling solution
  • Multiservice charging and billing solution
  • Smart Metering / IOT acquisition and billing solution
  • Revenue Recognition, Management and Reporting solution
  • Customer Relationship Management solution
  • Order Management and Fullfilment solution
  • IOT Service Provisioning solution
  • Marketing and Campaign Management solution
  • Analytics and Big-data solution
  • Public Services Business Process Management solution

SAP awards and references are available at: