Networking Technologies

We are a system integrator combining numerous components and products from world-class vendors and our own professional and integration services to create end-to-end solutions customized for a specific customer’s demands. In this process, the entire lifecycle is covered, from planning and designing, to delivery, implementation, operation and optimization. Our portfolio also includes consultancy services, where we analyze the existing environment, define the “to be” state, identify gaps and define a roadmap on how to achieve the target state.

Network Solutions

In terms of network technologies, our services range from simple to very complex networking solutions, especially in the Telco environment where we have completed projects in demanding Tier 1 operators around the world. The scope of such projects usually includes core, aggregation and access networks, with recent integration of Software Defined Network (SDN) components into solutions as well. In the area of wireless technology, we are the leading LoRa WAN service integrator in the Region, with more than 30 projects worldwide. However, we also have experience in small and big size Wi-Fi deployments with more than 20,000 access points.

Services and Development

Network technologies are the basis for services we offer to end users, covering a wide range of services focused mainly on service providers, but also to enterprises and the public sector. Advanced collaboration and IPTV services have recently been extended to development and integration tasks required for the Internet of Things (IoT), and specifically Smart City solutions such as Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Air Quality, Waste Management, Smart Metering etc. We are proficient in building ecosystems and integrating various components into end-to-end solutions.

Cloud and System Management

Contemporary services require virtual resources for computing, networking and security, as well as the related management environment. We provide a complete virtualization, orchestration and automation solution for cloud implementation of any size, either through cloud builder services, or as a basis for our services and BSS solutions. Moreover, our management and security solutions can be combined with any network technologies and service solutions to assure secure and reliable service delivery within a managed andcontrolled environment.