Ai.RIM – Resource and Inventory management

Ai.RIM – Resource and Inventory Management

Altima Resource and Inventory Management (or Ai.RIM)  is an application used to manage physical (SIM cards, Modems, Set-top-boxes, etc.) and logical (Phone numbers, MAC addresses, Usernames, etc.) resources. It is commonly used as an extension to another OSS/BSS component such as S/4HANA Subscription Order and Contract Management component.

Ai.RIM is a:

  • Platform for management of physical and logical resources
  • Resource is generic; can be anything that requires management of state and ownership. Typical resources: SIM cards, mobile and fix phone numbers, modems, smart cards, usernames, IP addresses...
  • Exposes web service interfaces (SOAP and REST) towards other systems (such as CRM)

Altima Resource Inventory Management as an add on to SAP BRIM offers a closed loop solution for the Technical Resource Management.

Altima Resource and Inventory Management Platform for Telecommunications - Your solution of choice for telecommunications technical resource management.

Find out more at overview: Industry Cloud Solution Brief Altima RIM


Some of the technical processes covered by the platform include:

  • Resource association by type and uniqueness
  • Resource association in shared mode
  • Owner management – Sales Representative
  • End user – Vendor
  • Order relationship – traceability of resource history by orders
  • Batch processing import/export of resource data ( SIM, SMARTCARD,SN)
  • Configurable import from external system.

Ai.RIM is a comprehensive solution for logical and physical resources management in service enablement platforms. It enables CSP‘s to maintain generic and non-generic technical resources in a unified platform.


  • Flexible and open platform
  • Complete visibility on the resource status
  • Use the same platform for all telecommunication services
  • Tightly integrated solution with SAP S/4HANA BRIM offering.

Find out how to use the platform at VIDEO.


Utilizing simple management tools, platform allows ease of use in terms of administration and development .  Altima’s RIM solution has  already been adopted by many customers in their SAP BRIM environments and they are now reaping the benefits of transparent technical resource lifecycle management process.

Resource agnostic

Platform allows the flexibility of defining new technical resources which are not already defined as an industry standard. This makes it ideal solution ad-on for the new lines of business such as IoT for the management of Things.

CSP‘s are now looking into the possibility of offering fully fledged solutions apart from connectivity, and that is where the management of resource allocation and lifecycle is crucial.


Product overview material is available at Ai.RIM - Product Description