Mamforce / Dadforce Standards

We marked the year 2018 with great success – we became the first company to receive the MAMFORCE COMPANY LEAD standard and the DADFORCE standard after the basic Mamforce Company standard was awarded.

It is a recognized quality mark that confirms to employers the competencies in implementing a family-responsible and gender-aware human resources management policy, and which facilitates the harmonization of private and business obligations and provides conditions for smooth career development regardless of parenthood. The process of assessing existing practices that precede the Mamforce Standard is a strategic management tool that provides insight into the current situation and provides recommendations for the further development of a family-responsible and gender-equitable management policy.

The Verso Altima Group joined Mamforce at the end of 2017, and since then we have implemented a large number of projects, programs and initiatives thanks to which we have acquired the highest level of standards.