Equal Opportunities

We provide, support, and promote equal opportunities in the workplace. We accept and support differences, successfully integrate them into the workplace environment, benefiting our employees, customers, partners and our business.

Since its foundation, at Verso Altima Group we have proved to be a place of equal opportunities, by creating a working environment that demonstrates a high degree of social inclusion.  It means that every person is treated fairly and without prejudice and conditions that are created in the working environment encourage and value diversity and promote dignity and its part of our Equal Opportunities Statement.

When it comes to equal opportunities and diversity, there are seven basic areas:

  1. Age
  2. Disability
  3. Race/Ethnicity
  4. Gender
  5. Religion / beliefs and culture
  6. Sexual Orientation and
  7. Work life balance.

At Verso Altima Group we have various groups, initiatives, and programs that promotes equality and diversity and we are continuously developing new one. We are closely monitor our progress to ensure integration of programs and principles of equal opportunities into the Group’s business processes as they are an integral part of all levels of the decision making process. 

We are ensuring that our Equal Opportunities Statement derives from the Labor Law and the Gender Equality Act of the Republic of Croatia, as well as they are compliant with the EU directives. But more important they are an integral part of our Group, expanded with our international presence and accessible international documents on Equal Opportunities Regulations.